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We don't think there is enough noise about how wonderful our local Shropshire food and drink producers are, and we want to change that.

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Quality Beef and Lamb Boxes from Ellesmere

The Oteley Estate, situated on the shores of the mere in Ellesmere, has an array of premium beef and lamb boxes on offer which can be purchased online!

Great Shropshire Beer from the Wood Brewery

Over 40 years ago the Wood Brewery was founded by the Wood family in the former stables of the Plough Inn, in the South Shropshire village of Wistanstow.

Diversifying in to hampers to support local food and drink businesses

In 2020, as prospects of the Shrewsbury Food Festival going ahead looked slim, Shropshire Festivals diversified to launch the Shropshire Hamper Company

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Local food is amazing, especially when it comes to Shropshire.

We’re a pretty talented bunch, so it only seems right that there is somewhere for all our amazing food and drink producers to be.

We are the address book for these producers, so delve in and enjoy...

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Imagine a place where all of Shropshire’s bakeries, breweries, cafes, eateries, producers and vineyards are all in one place, well… that’s exactly what we are!

We don’t think there is enough noise about the amazing food and drink we have right here in Shropshire, so we’re giving everyone the recognition they deserve, and shouting it from the metaphorical rooftops!

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